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Keck Medicine of USC International Health believes in the importance of working side-by-side to customize solutions that provide the best possible health care for patients in your country. We provide health care consulting and management services – on projects large and small – to governments and health care organizations around the world, sharing our expertise and hands-on experience. Whether you are seeking a partner to help you establish excellence in hospital management, develop best-in-class clinical treatments, enhance your health Information Technology capabilities or build clinical research programs, we have a team of experts who can work with you to meet your needs.

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Feasibility Analysis

  • Baseline analysis with local and national government health statistical report as well as World and WHO demographics
  • Modeling and stratification of potential patient volumes with established international benchmarks
  • Trends capture for inpatient and outpatient settings, technology adoption and demographic changes
  • Revenue and expense modeling forecast

Facility Architecture

  • Guidance for facility architects/planners
  • Facilities and clinical technology planning, procurement, and design
  • US standards

Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing strategy development
  • Branding strategy development
  • Pricing strategy development
  • Marketing champion development

Financial System

  • Financial system design, develop, deploy, and training
  • Donation system development
  • Philanthropy programs

Technology Planning

  • Medical Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Interdisciplinary Technology

Clinical Workflow

  • Clinical workflow development
  • Clinical performance system and electronic medical record system interfacing, interoperability as well as training and adoption

Quality & Safety

  • Quality & safety framework
  • Medical staff rules and regulation advisement

Occupational Training

  • Establish continuing education rubrics for hospital management, leadership, and clinical staff
  • Advisement for comprehensive learning management system modeled and adapted from Trojan Learn
  • New hires training and education

Culture & Values

  • Introduce and advise on establishing culture values modeled from Keck’s KNOWN values

Patient Experience

  • Patient experience improvement mechanism
  • Patient experience monitoring and reporting
  • Patient satisfaction survey
  • Concierge medicine

Recruitment Strategy

  • Administrator and medical staff recruitment & training
  • Long-term recruitment strategies for clinical, administrative, and technical personnel
  • Remuneration and incentive plan

Supply Chain & Procurement

  • Procurement policies development
  • Supply chain and procurement oversight and management
  • Supplier management

Clinical Performance

  • Clinical performance evaluation system
  • Performance consolidation and stabilization

Hospital Governance

  • Management oversight and board composition
  • Hospital and medical school bylaws
  • Facilities and technology infrastructure
Keck Medicine of USC
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Keck Medicine of USC
Keck Medicine of USC
Keck Medicine of USC is the University of Southern California’s medical enterprise, one of only two university-owned academic medical centers in the Los Angeles area.